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- How do I access the mobile version of the site? -

Just enter iamstarving.net into your mobile web browser. The site will detect that you're using a mobile device and will automatically redirect you to a special area formated specifically for small screens.

- Is the information accurate? -

The short answer: Yes, very accurate.

The long answer: Yes, mostly. Some places have arbitrary close times that often change depending on customer activity, time of the year, special events, and so on.

- What areas does iamstarving.net cover? -

Currently we cover the Dinkytown and Uptown areas of Minnesota.

- Do you have plans to expand? -

Yup - we're looking at adding a northeast Minneapolis and downtown directory soon.

- Why don't you include reviews, menus, check-in's, registration, sign-ups and (insert expansive social "Facebook-like" feature)? -

Because it makes finding the most important information too difficult. It's great that your favorite eatery qualifies as "good for kids" and features entertainment 4 days a week, but we don't really care. :-)

- Can I advertise / partner / sponsor iamstarving.net? -

Maybe! Shoot us a message: info@iamstarving.net

Got any other questions? Email us: info@iamstarving.net