• because it's late and you're hungry •

- What is iamstarving.net? -

A simple and straight forward restaurant directory that lists restaurant hours and spares you the confusing clutter. Iamstarving.net has specialized usability and sizing for mobile phones. Go to imstarving.net on your cell phone to be automatically directed to the mobile site.

- Why iamstarving.net? -

Because you're able to find what you want, when you want it, and where to get it. No need to scroll through biased reviews just to find where you can order a pepperoni pizza late at night.

- Who should use iamstarving.net?-

You - when you are hungry. And your friends - when they are hungry. Probably not your mom though, unless she has a smart phone or finds herself craving some 'za at 2 AM.

- When should I visit iamstarving.net? -

Late at night!